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From ages 13 through senior adults, we offer a 12 week voice class program in the fall & late winter/ spring to further develop oneʼs vocal skills & abilities through a variety of choral music styles. Classes will be divided into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced programs based on a very simple audition process to discover the placement level of each student. Each 12 week session will conclude with an informal performance at the end of the classes as a culmination of the learning program.

 Basic Voice Class 

(Suggested age 8-13)-Designed for those students who are in the beginning stages of vocal development. Focus placed on fundamentals of breath control, beginning note reading and singing in parts. Performance skills including presentation, expression and body composure will be introduced. A variety of song literature will be introduced from classical, folk & popular styles

 Intermediate Voice Class 

(Suggested age 13-17)-This voice class is designed for those students with some prior vocal experience but would like to further enhance and refine their vocal skills for maximum performance & efficiency. Taught in a group format, singers in this setting will continue to work on building their vocal fundamentals & music reading skills through singing a variety of genres from classical, music theater, and popular music. This class could be a great complement to students who are already taking private lessons and would like an additional opportunity to develop their skills for auditions & performances.

 Advanced Voice Class 

Suggested age 18 to adult)-Whether you are a soloist, worship leader, choir singer, or just enjoy singing this class will help you improve your singing voice even more. This class will help each student to further refine the development of their breath support, posture, tone production, blend, music reading, as well as artistry & stage presence. A variety of choral music styles will be performed such as classical, folk, multi-cultural, broadway & popular genres.

 Music Fundamentals Class 

This class is an introduction to the elements of music, including study of the staff, clefs, key signatures, time signatures, music notation & symbols, meter, rhythm, and major and minor scales. Additionally, some melodic, rhythmic and harmonic ear training will be incorporated into the course as well as some basic part writing and compositional techniques.

 GSMA Orchestra 

This is an orchestra ensemble group of students 13- adult. Students must audition in August to be selected as part of this ensemble which meets September through May and offers four concerts per year to the public.  Students will rehearse one evening per week and will perform a variety of orchestral music from classics, movie themes, pop and Broadway.

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