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“Geary and I worked together often over the decades, and his quest for quality, while maintaining a positive relationship with his co-workers and volunteers of all ages made for a great working and personal relationship. Heʼs an extremely talented man and I admire his work greatly”. Rob Reider-Singer, Guitarist, winner of 5 Emmy Awards, audio engineer, producer.

“Geary is an exceptionally talented and skilled musical artist. Whether you are a pianist who is interested in delving deeper into the artistry of music, fine tuning your classical piano skills, exploring the world of jazz, learning the art of improvising, music theory, pedagogy, and or just interested in improving your technical skills in any style of music, Geary can help you achieve your goals. And as a voice teacher, his skill set is equally impressive, with expertise in many musical genres. As an instructor, Geary is knowledgeable, competent, personable, and is an encourager to everyone regardless of their development. His creativity is sure to motivate you to exceed your own expectations and open a world of musical art you didnʼt even know existed”. Jane Willmann-Cincinnati area professional pianist and studio teacher

“Geary Randall has such a variety of talents and excels in many different styles of music. He is a kind and patient teacher, accepting the skills of each person and teaching them to excel with their gifts. He engages and and encourages his students ensuring their success, and is dedicated to each individual. He LOVES to develop talent in others and is an inspiration not only to me but to many others that he teaches”. Marcia Davis-Former West Clermont Schools Educator.

"Preparing young talent for the professional market in this ferociously competitive business requires one to have a superb grasp of the fundamentals of singing. Mastering the breath, preparing for an audition, interpreting a piece, and delivering an honest, moving performance are all tools in which most singers need a professional outside hand in shaping. With this guidance early in a singerʼs career, the skyʼs the limit! Having spent many years working with Geary & Sherry Randall, I can attest to both their artistic excellence and passion for music education. My 20 years in music theater, including Les Miserables on Broadway (Enjoiras), the world premier of Kander & Ebbʼs The Visit, starring Chita Rivera & John McMartin, and many leading roles on Chicagoland stages, afforded me many opportunities to work with the very best artists in Musical Theatre and Opera, and I can honestly say the musicianship of the Randalls has a place among those peers". Brian Herriott,, Professional Singer & Actor, Broadway & Chicago music theatre.

“Iʼve had the pleasure of knowing the Randall family for over 20 years, and I not only admire them, but I call them “best friends”! When you know and work closely with people for over a long period of time, you really learn a lot about their character, talents, and their faith and core values-all which allow them to teach and connect with people of ALL ages. And, not just to teach basic fundamentals, but also to pursue dreams and become creative artists in their own lives. I am honored to know these gifted people and I look forward to hearing the many stories of how lives will be blessed and edified by those they influence in the future”. Dave MacCoy-Singer, Songwriter, Artist and Friend.

“Geary & Sherry Randall are two of the most accomplished and talented musicians that we have experienced. Their immense dedication and strong human relations skills equip them to work with varying levels of ability and achievement. They will foster strong development and growth within persons of varying cultures and orientations”. Roman & Ada Walton-Senior adult musicians and former Sycamore Schools educator.

“Geary & Sherry Randall represent the finest of musicians and the most dedicated, patient and compassionate of teachers. I experienced Gearyʼs creativity in working with a volunteer church choir & orchestra where he would challenge us to stretch ourselves with a difficult piece of music, many of which he wrote and/or arranged himself. I saw firsthand his dedication in mentoring those of us like myself, who had extensive professional music backgrounds while also exhibiting patience to bring growth from others who had little or no music experience. I also had the opportunity to work closely with Sherry: to see her dedication to her students and love of teaching & performing. I could not be more excited that they are sharing their talents with a new generation of musicians!” Allison Verderber Herriott, Professional Singer & Actress, New York City & Chicago.

“Iʼve known Geary & Sherry Randall for over 20 years. I donʼt know another couple who possesses more diversity of musical talent and skill along with the experience in developing that talent & skill in others. Iʼve never had more fun than singing in a quartet with Geary, or being accompanied by Gearyʼs incredible improvisation on the piano, along with Sherryʼs masterful violin. Their Glendale School of Musical Arts is a gift to the many students who will take the opportunity to develop their musical skill with such great people”. Kevin Boys, Ed.D. President-Southern State Community College (Former administrator/educator in Sycamore & Loveland School Dists.)

“Sherry is not just an experienced educator who guides students from the basic to advanced levels, she is a very talented musician and vocalist. She is a professional at everything she does”. Paul Bartel-owner of Baroque Violin Shop, Cincinnati, Ohio.

“I was privileged to teach with Sherry Randall for 15 years and to co-direct many musical productions with her. She is an incredibly talented vocalist, violinist, and director. She had such skill in teaching music to students of all ages. Although she was demanding and had high expectations for her students, she was compassionate and patient and her students returned that love. She knew how to make the hard work of learning to sing challenging works or play difficult orchestral pieces fun for her students, and in return, they were inspired to achieve excellence. Sherry will continue to share her love of music and performance with her students for many years to come. She is certainly one of the finest educators and musicians Iʼve ever known.” Cathy Ransenberg-Former Mariemont City Schools Educator/Drama Director:

“Sherry Randall is a first-rate musician and conductor. She gives her students challenging music and in short, is a talented, bright, musical, knowledgeable, experienced, and committed teacher.” David Bell-Instructor of Music Education, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

“Sherry Randall is a subject matter expert. She knows how to work with young, developing, and mature vocalists and instrumentalists. She knows how to select music that is both interesting and shows off a studentʼs strengths. She has been the best possible choice for us for a private teacher.” Suzanne Conrad-Teacher & Fairfield HS parent.

“As a parent, I am amazed at her ability to take students from the “Twinkle” stage to the very complex music needed to succeed at the more advanced levels. I have never been disappointed with the music education my daughter received during her time with Mrs. Randall. I contribute all of this to her love of music, dedication to her students, and ability to grow the most challenging students with a lot of patience and perseverance. In return, her students love, admire and respect her immensely.” Valerie Brabbs-Businesswoman & Fairfield HS parent.

“I canʼt believe Iʼve been out of HS for 10 years, but I have learned & accomplished much. The majority of of my success and ideas for my teaching career came from you! I canʼt thank you enough for helping me to become the teacher that I am today”. Kyle Conley, Music Teacher & Past Fairfield HS orchestra student

“Kelsey Randall was my voice student at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University throughout her studies for the Bachelor of Music and Masters of Music degrees in voice performance. Kelsey has a beautiful voice and maintains high standards for education. Her training is rooted solidly in good pedagogy and vocal health. As a person, Kelsey is an intelligent, outgoing young woman and is a wonderful human being!” Pat Havranek-Associate Professor of Music, Voice Adjunct, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

“Kelsey Randall has the voice of an angel and the heart of a great teacher. She understands what it takes to develop raw talent into a performer. Her gifts as a singer, violinist, pianist, and theatrical performer make her the perfect teacher for my up and coming students. Sheʼs a gifted performer and an absolute delight as an instructor who relates extremely well to children, youth, and young adults, and makes them want to achieve their highest musical goals.” Sheila Pippin-Director of Music Ministries, First and Calvary Church, Springfield, Missouri.

“I first heard Kelsey Randall perform a few years back in the Wizard of Oz at her HS performance. I assumed from her magnificent vocal and stage performance that she was destined to follow in her mother and fatherʼs footsteps into the musical arts. Fast forward to 2018 when Kelsey agreed to sing & perform in “Once And For All”, one of the nationʼs largest Easter dramas, attracting over 8,000 attendees annually. Kelseyʼs flawless performance was only surpassed by her incredible spirit and willingness to follow this directorʼs vision in a seminal movement of the play. She exudes a professionalism that hints of a lifetime success in her field. I am so excited to see her join the Glendale School of Musical Arts as an instructor/teacher. She brings not just her collegiate successes from Indiana University, but a lifetime of learning and performance under the watchful eye of her abundantly gifted parents ready to impart on anyone who would want to begin or polish their skills in the area of voice or acting”. Dave Nell-Director of “Once And For All, an Easter Passion Play

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