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senior piano teacher with young girl student
girl playing violin

  Private Lessons  


The Glendale School of Musical Arts is proud to offer the very finest individualized instruction in 30, 45 and 60 minute private lessons for the young beginner, intermediate, advanced, and adult student. We believe that every individual can learn music, from the very young through senior adults and can learn to use their musical talents & gifts to foster self expression & enjoyment in life. With our outstanding teachers, facilities, and innovative programs, our goal is to provide all of our students with an excellent musical experience that is sure to enrich minds, lift spirits and transform lives through the power of music! Whatever your goals are for your music talent, we are here to create an individualized plan for you!


Piano lessons are offered for the beginner through intermediate & advanced student levels. We use a wide variety of musical styles to teach all of our students such as classical/traditional, jazz & blues, contemporary Christian, gospel & rock. At the beginning level we use a variety of established teaching methods with a focus on developing proper hand position, note reading, chord progressions, and music theory all taught in a positive & encouraging manner. Intermediate students will concentrate more on expansion of technique through scales & exercises, music theory, and building repertoire beyond the method books. Advanced piano students are encouraged to further build & refine their keyboard skills through performing more advanced repertoire on a more professional level with emphasis on preparation for competitions, contests, and college auditions.

 Piano Improvisation 

Offered for our more advanced students, we are proud to offer lessons in improvisation. Whether you are interested in using your improvisational skills for learning jazz, blues, or even contemporary Christian piano stylings or worship, we can teach you what you need to know to build your creative skills at the keyboard so you sound like a professional!


Voice lessons are offered for children age 9 through adult. We teach a wide variety of styles from classical art song, opera, broadway, pop, jazz, folk, and contemporary Christian music with a focus on posture, breath control, tone production, ear training, stage presence and more. Each student is taught vocal warm up exercises in each lesson to promote vocal health as well as to increase range & flexibility. Students are further encouraged to use their vocal talents outside of the lesson studio by performing in school & church choirs, worship music groups, and area music recitals, contests & competitions.


Using a wide variety of established string methods from Suzuki, Sassmanshaus and others, we offer a private lesson program for the beginning violin or viola student through the more advanced. As a beginner, emphasis will be placed on building a solid foundation of fundamentals such as posture, instrument hold, bow hold & control, intonation, and tone production. For intermediate students we continue to refine and build their fundamentals & technical skills with more advanced scales, etudes and repertoire. Advanced students will focus on mastery of technique with even more advanced scales, etudes and solo repertoire to use for competitions, contests, and college or orchestra auditions. Whatever you want to focus on, we can provide a customized string program for you & your abilities!

 Musical Theater/Acting 

For the budding actor or actress, we offer individual private lessons focusing on developing oneʼs dramatic skills suitable for music theater or regular theater. Providing a supportive & fun environment, we hope to help our students develop skills that will serve them in all walks of life, both on the stage & off. Study of Broadway music repertoire, character development and acting skills will provide for the overall development of the young music theater or acting student.

 Performance Opportunities 

We encourage all of our students to build their confidence in their musical talents and abilities by participating in public performances which are open to everyone. Students will have opportunities for performance through student recitals held twice a year. There will also be additional performance opportunities through community festivals, retirement centers, charity events, and more.

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